Friday, February 8, 2013


This was my Facebook post today.  I thought it postive and perfect enough to share here.
"Dear FB friends. Forgive me for this long post and allowing me to stand on my soapbox for a minute.

I read a blog post this morning (see link) that talks about how we can allow our world to shrink down to only a small number of people who look like us, talk like us, think like us and act like us. It talks about how some people have a tendency to "hide" or "un-friend" people on social media sites who post things that you don't agree with simply because you would rather not deal with it or see it.

I will readily admit that I have done this in the past by deleting, hiding or otherwise un-friend people whose posts were continually vulgar, rude or contain material that I felt offensive in a sexual or degrading way. I really do appreciate different points of view and will allow comments of differing opinion but what I won't tolerate and do not appreciate is the posting of comments on my wall that use vulgar language, are of a sexual nature or are degrading of other people.

While reviewing and re-working my goals for 2013, I have decided to begin using my FB page as a platform for good. I hope to use it to spread the Good News by sharing inspirational quotes, pics, blog posts, links and other information that I think will be positive. Occasionally I will share a link or information about a topic that may be difficult for some people to see in order to get the word out about the awful things that are happening around the world. In these cases, I will pray for God to guide your conscience and lead you to pray, contribute or act in some way for the common good.

I fully understand that not all my FB friends have the same beliefs that I do; that is fine. I will say a prayer for you! ;) But as of 2013, I have determined that instead of using this awesome, free, social tool as a meaningless time waster, I should put it to good use and spread a positive, loving, gentle, encouraging message.

Thank you for allowing me my soapbox speech. I will step down now. And if you choose to un-friend me after this, all I can say is I still like you and still want to be your friend.

God Bless!

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